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I believe you are unique.

You are special. You were born with an innate set of gifts and talents, strengths and quirks in an exact combination that no other human being on this earth possesses. You are infinitely loved and you have an intrinsic worth that simply cannot be quantified and an unfathomable amount of potential. You have a light inside of you that was made to shine and be shared with the world. You have a purpose.

So I have one question ....
                                                What's stopping you?

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I’m Zaidha Roscoe and I am a personal and business coach working with people who are audacious enough to want something better and courageous enough to do something about it.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process of exploration, discovery, growth and ultimately, change. 

If you want to rediscover you passion and purpose, bring out the extraordinary in the ordinary and achieve more in either your personal or professional life then coaching can help you to .......

Discover your unique strengths, gifts and attributes and harness them to build a positive, fulfilling life.

Recognise your values and set meaningful goals that honour them.

Gain clarity, dismantle overwhelm and build confidence and resilience.

Identify, challenge and overcome obstacles.

Unlock and maximise your potential putting in place the little steps that lead to big change.

Coaching involves looking at where you are now, where you want to be, how you are going to get there and perhaps most importantly enables you to identify and overcome the obstacles stopping you.


Whilst I will hold the space in which to challenge, encourage and support you ultimately it will be you doing the work forging a path that is true to your own values and aspirations and building a life that is right for you, a life that feels good on the inside not one that merely looks good on the outside.


Wherever you are starting from if you are ready to begin your own journey of growth and transformation in either your business or personal life then book in for a free discovery call.

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Personal Coaching

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Business Coaching

What My Clients Say ....

Zaidha is extremely professional, as well as warm and friendly. Her sessions are structured to your needs, well organised and she always sends a follow up email with next steps etc. I have been working with Zaidha on developing my business and the sessions have enabled me to make good progress. Prior to this I was completely stuck and feeling extremely frustrated. I am now excited for the future and can clearly see my end goals in sight. At times my self-doubt, procrastination and imposter syndrome have crept in, which she quickly identifies  and adapts the sessions accordingly to assist me in these areas too. I would highly recommend Zaidha to anyone seeking coaching in any area of their life.

-Claire McNulty - Wellbeing Coach

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