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Coaching & Faith


A Little Note on Coaching & Faith


Coaching and Faith is perhaps quite an unusual page title to find on a coaching website. However, I wanted to briefly address this area as one conversation that I have repeatedly had with people of many faiths in both my personal and professional life has been around the question of ‘How do I find a coach/ mentor/therapist etc. who understands and respects the role faith plays in my life?’  

I believe you bring your faith to everything you do, as it is a part of the fabric of who you are it is naturally a part of how you both view and approach life and coaching is no exception. As a coach I am happy to coach people of all faiths or equally people of non. I myself am a Christian but come from a mixed faith family and have friends and family of many different faiths which I feel has been a real blessing and enriched my life.

However, I have had personal experience of initially consultations with coach/mentor/therapist in which it was very clear they felt totally alarmed when I talked about faith (for example prayer - ‘Who are you actually taking to? Are you hearing voices?’) or thought I had some kind of funny little imaginary friend they felt ought to be disproved as swiftly as possible! Conversely I have also worked with people who fully respected and understood and I know from firsthand experience what a crucial difference that makes.

So if any of that resonates with you and you are looking to work with a coach who will both understand and respect the importance your faith has in your life then pleased be assured as your coach, I will do both.


Contact me for a free half hour discovery call and we can discuss how coaching could work for you. 

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