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Updated: Feb 4, 2023


I will be running a COACHING WORKSHOP Explore 2023 on FRIDAY 10th March at STICKYWEEDS COFFEE SHOP in New Longton at 7pm.

If you’ve ever been curious about coaching or wondered how it might work then this workshop is for you!

It will be an informal evening giving you the opportunity to explore a bit about coaching, have some fun and experience a light touch of coaching. You will also get a coffee or tea included and a fabulous piece of cake!

I’ve called the workshop Exploring 2023, as there might be a variety of areas or topics you want to think about in coaching. It might be that you want to use the space to really think about and focus on your business or career or on your life as whole. Equally you might not have any idea what you want to focus on and that's totally fine too, in fact it can sometimes be the best place to start!

We will use a variety of coaching exercises and tools, as you’ve probably heard me say before, I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to coaching, so I’ve tried to translate that across into the workshop. You will have a choice over activities and tools you choose and some will be more creative than others depending on what you like doing, how you think best and what you want to get out of the workshop.

This is a chance to get a little bit of mobility in your thinking, a little bit of inspiration and gives you some me time to focus on what your intentions are and where you might want to go with those in 2023 and, ofcourse, look at what little steps might help to get you there!

This might be something you want to do with friends or equally something you want to do just for yourself, either way you are more than welcome!

As this is NOT a group coaching session, if you are worried about being asked to share anything personal within the group then please rest assured that wont be the case!

Places are fairly limited so if you would like to book or have any questions then please feel free to call or email me to book!

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