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Introducing NetCoaching!

Introducing NetCoaching!

The first of my group coaching offerings is here!

After listened to so many of the lovely people who have come through my doors in the last few weeks and reflecting on what so many seemed to be asking for I wanted to start by putting together something for those of you who are already business owners and leaders, wanting to start businesses or develop or change direction within your careers.

The two things that really stood out from all those conversations were the want and need to access good and personalised coaching but within a limited budget and the want and need to connect with other people and receive some support.

So here it is! My answer to both those needs


Group coaching sessions, within a supportive group of like minded people, totally tailored each time to the groups needs and able to flex accordingly.

I cant wait to co-create this with you all!

Groups will be kept small to make sure everyone gets the individual attention they need whilst still gaining from the collective wisdom and support of learning within a group.

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask. Either call or email and we can discuss whether you feel NetCoaching is something that might work for you!

Booking is now live! Follow this link

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