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The Power of A Light Shine (or why I called my business A Little Light Shine Coaching - part 2)

In my last blog I began to share about why I called my business A little Light Shine Coaching and I talked about the power of a little and how it can help to shine a light on something to help move us forward. But that’s not the whole story, another context for light which is just as important to me is the light within you. So what do I mean why I talk about your light?

I’m referring to the combination of things that are uniquely, intrinsic and innately in you. It’s your strengths, your talents, the positive things that you are natural good at or you just can’t help doing that really give you energy and make you come alive inside. And that’s not to be confused with skills, which are the things you’ve learned to be good at and skills are great we need them, but I’m talking about the foundations at your core, the building blocks of you are before that layer of skills is even added. It’s also your values and the things that matter to you, the things that you like and are interested in and all the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that come together to make you uniquely you! That’s what I’m talking about when I talk about your light, it’s who you intrinsically are.

And whilst everyone has a light, that light can become dulled or buried sometimes under the weight of lots of things such as social conditioning, your environment, a lack of confidence and many other things. Sometimes we actually consciously choose to hide our light. Perhaps we feel that what we have isn’t good enough or we are afraid to show it for fear of being judged, ridiculed or rejected and sometimes we can become so disconnected from our light we can forget it’s even there.

And this is where coaching can really help. Coaching asks the question what’s stopping you? What are those things dulling your light or making you hide it all together? And how do we overcome those things? Sometimes it about re discovering what your light actually is. What does it look like when you are being your truest, most authentic self? What is it that makes you come alive and makes your light shine? Perhaps it’s not a case of needing to create a new you as we are so often told but of needing to rediscovery the original you.

Why do I think your light is so important? Because when your light is shining, when you are living into your strengths and talents and values and fulfilling your purpose not only do you positively impact your own life, but you also positively affect everyone and everything around you too! It’s not about necessarily having an easy or a perfect life, there is so much in life we can’t control, or about having a life or business or a career that just looks good on the outside but it’s about having one that feels right and good and authentic deep down on the inside.

Now you might be thinking but what difference can I possibly make? I’m just one of 8 billion people. And you’re right you are. But who do you serve if you don’t? By you not being your best self who do you benefit?

When I was little girl and I first started to become aware of problems in the world I would really worry about things and I remember talking to my parents and they said to me you can’t save the whole world but what you can do is shine your light here and light up this little bit of it, you can affect this bit, and in turn that has a knock on effect and lights up another bit and another bit and that is how you can change the world. (My favourite song also became This Little Light of Mine for obvious reasons!)

Every one of those 8 billion people is equally important and that includes you. If you start with yourself, by lighting up your light you give other people courage, permission and a helping hand to shine theirs too. Whether that be in your family and friends, your community, your business or within your working team, it impacts everyone.

And that’s why I called my business A little light shine coaching!

It’s about the power of a little, the power of your light and the power and the difference you create for yourself and others when you choose to shine it!

If you think coaching could be of benefit to you then please do get intouch or book a discovery call.

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